About Us

Georgetti’s is a small family business that has been importing fashion accessories from France for over 35 years. Our hats, bags and jewellery are hand-crafted, one-off designs that are constructed from materials sourced locally from Paris, Marseille, Juan Les Pins and Grasse.
Georgetti’s is a small business for an important reason: we hold in high regard the importance of working small, working on a personal level with each of our clients. 
We believe in the value of the hand-made, the one-off and the exceptional quality that France has to offer. The artworks we select are made in small studios and can take several months to complete before arriving in our showrooms. The integrity of these works is in their detail - the unique design, composition and colour of each piece is what separates French Bijoux from the rest of the world.
Our boutique and head office is located in Melbourne CBD at 37 Block Place where we stock pieces from Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Juan Les Pins and Grasse.

French Bijoux is of the highest quality. 

An article in the Melbourne News Paper (The Age) on our first shop which opened in the city in 1978. Photo of Nicholas and Yve Georgetti, the founders of the company.